Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall 2010 Anime

Another Season, another chart.

Here is my quick and totally informed view

Star Driver - Manservice, mecha, and Bones. A match made in heaven.
Ironman - Westernshit, will probably suck
Panty and Stocking - Fuck yes Gainax, you are saving the industry
Yakumo - No opinion, probably won't watch
Kuragehime - Crossdressing and noitaminA, will watch
Bakuman - The manga is merely OK, and JC staff isn't very good.
Letter Bee - Didn't watch the first season
Togainu No Chi - No opinion, probably won't watch
Soredemo - Shaft and meidos, the best
Squidgirl - BEST GIRL EVER
Arakawa S2 - I loved season 1, hope 2 is more of the same
Samurai Girls - Queen's Blade clone, but with super stylish art. Will probably run out of budget 2 episodes in
TWGOK - For sure watch
Otome Youkai Zakuro - No opinion, probably won't watch
Yosuga No Sora - Twincest is bestcest
Index 2 - Hahahaha, no
OreImo - Hahahaha, no
Everything else on the list is garbage.


  1. I probably won't watch anything. A certain site keeps distracting me.

  2. I cant wait for Panty and Stocking.

  3. Bakuman comes off like one of those b-list documentaries you see on public broadcasting.

  4. Index 2 and Panty and stocking. I might check out Star Driver also.

  5. Cant wait for the World God Only Knows and Little Sister. Best season this year.

  6. Nice. I'll check a few out when I have free time.

  7. Bakuman and Soredemo are my two favorite shows this season. I was pretty damn disappointed in Star Driver... but I'm still watching it.